California Butterfly Gift Enclosure Notecards (Packet of 6)


In stock

In stock

These cute little cards are 2.5″ x 2.5″, the perfect size to include with a gift. They’re blank on the inside and just big enough for a short greeting. Each of the six cards features a different native California butterfly (monarch, western tiger swallowtail, buckeye, painted lady, and California dogface—male and female) and are printed on heavy recycled card stock. Each card is accompanied by a brown kraft envelope; there’s no gumming on the envelope flap. Don’t try to mail these cards! They’re too small to go through the mail.

These cards are great to keep with your gift wrapping supplies, and they make a lovely gift!

Size (in Inches): 2.5″ x 2.5″

Inside: Blank

Quantity: 6

Envelope(s): Yes


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